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Anti-ragging cell

To prevent and eliminate the occurrence of ragging by following anti-ragging measures and aware freshers, seniors, staff and parents about ill of ragging.


1. To prevent the occurrence of ragging by following anti-ragging measures in the institution.
2. To aware students, staff and parents to adopt measures that will prevent ragging
3. To provide punishment to those indulging in ragging as per the guidelines


1. Make senior students aware about ills of ragging and its consequences by way of poster, notices and undertaking by the students and parents.
2. Minimizing contact between freshers and seniors by conducting classes at different timings and at different building/locations.
3. Formation of anti-ragging squads.
4. Taking rounds at different location (i.e. building corridors, canteen, parking places, play grounds etc.) by anti-ragging squads members to avoid ragging activities.
5. Whenever the ragging case is reported, take appropriate actions as per the guideline of UGC regulations 2009 on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions.

Duties and Responsibilities of Anti-ragging Committee Members

The Anti-ragging Committee Members must take a very responsible and caution role in monitoring the students at the college premises to identify any cases of Ragging.
Following are the duties and responsibilities listed for Anti-ragging Committee Members,
1. Taking undertaking from the students and parents regarding ragging during the admission process itself.
2. Aware freshers and seniors about ill of ragging during orientation program.
3. Monitoring the freshers and the senior students during college hours.
4. Conduct regular meeting of the Committee members, for regular checking of anti-ragging squad rounds and maintain ragging free environment in campus.
5. Taking disciplinary action immediately, if any case of ragging found with the help of UGC guidelines.

Anti-Ragging Committee

Sr.No. Name Department Committee Designation
1 Prof. Dr. R. K. Lad Director Chairman
2 Mr. O. M. Kshirsagar Mechanical Nodal Officer
3 Mr. R. R. Zanjad Civil Member
4 Mr. N. M. More Computer Member
5 Mr. S. G. Kole E & TC Member
6 Mrs. M. S. Deokar Mechanical Member
7 Mr. C. K. Chheparge Mechanical Member
8 Mr. S. S. Ambre F.E. Member
9 Dr. R. D. Choudhari MBA Member
10 Mr. N. D. Kumthekar MCA Member
11 Mr. N. J. Mukane Non Teaching Member
12 Mr. Sasane Pratik Student Civil Member
13 More Nikhil Student Computer Member
14 Mr. Naik Prem Student Mechanical Member
15 Mr. Khopade Omkar Student E & TC Member

Duties Responsibilities of Anti-ragging Squads Members

Following are the duties and responsibilities listed for Anti-ragging Squad Members,
1. Take rounds regularly for prohibiting ragging activity in college premises.
2. Carry out surprise checks in probable areas of ragging.
3. In case of any incidence noticed, do assessment of the incidence and inform to anti ragging committee In-charge immediately.
4. Ensure anti ragging instructions displayed at prominent places in their areas of control.
5. Maintain the proper record of round taken by the members and submit to the Director on monthly basis.
6. Display list of member and there contact numbers in college premises at primary locations.

Anti-Ragging Squad Committee

Sr.No. Name Department Committee Designation
1 Mr. O. M. Kshirsagar Mechanical Member Secretary
2 Mrs. S. S. Shinde Computer Member
3 Mrs. N. R. Kadam E & TC Member
4 Mr. G. S. Dhumal Mechanical Member
5 Mr. J. B. Kulkarni MBA Member
6 Dr. P. V. Yadav FE Member
7 Mrs. A. R. Kadam FE Member
8 Dr. S. B. Sonkamble Computer Member

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