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Dr. Indrajeet Jain
Civil Engineering

To my mind, real domain experience in an industry is vital to be credible in Civil engineering business management role. I would like to say that if people are considering moving into a stable and consistent area of engineering then Civil Engineering sector should be considered carefully. There are many exciting challenges in these fields across the entire engineering spectrum in India and abroad. Many companies regularly contact me asking for good engineers and graduates and say that they are struggling to find enough people with the right skills and competencies. Graduates in Civil Engineering often can pick and choose between two or three job offers, which are pretty good in the current business environment. There are many transferable engineering skills which are very useful in these sectors.

          If you feel you do need a conversion course to help you move into any new sector, Civil Engineering included, there are a number of two year master’s courses which can help you make that transition.Engineering is a wonderfully diverse and rewarding career choice. Statistically, Civil engineers stand a very good chance of being employed compared to other professions.
Things are very competitive for lots of professions right now (less jobs, less college places and more young people seeking them). However, there are real skills shortages in Civil engineering – some of them are in very specific areas like Transportation, Environmental, Geotechnical and Safety, some of them current and some types of skills will be in big demand over the next five to 10 years. So as it’s been pointed out, there will always be peaks and troughs but statistically Civil engineers stand a very good chance of being employed compared to other professions. There are some attractive incentives to encourage women to join the Civil engineering sector. Successful female Civil engineers are so few in number that they are almost invisible. A well-constructed portfolio can set you aside from other candidates.For design and manufacture, my advice would be to prepare a strong portfolio of your design work. It is a good way to visually show off your design engineering skills. Your education background will certainly stand you in good stead. My career advice is to keep trying to improve your skills and goals and try not to remain stagnant. I believe the sky is the limit for us recent graduates and we just need a big break and to realize the resources and opportunities available to us. What really counts in the work environment is your ability to work as part of a team and your overall attitude.

On behalf of JSPM, NTC, I welcome Prospective Students who wish to begin their career in Civil Engineering and wish current students all the best in their future endeavors.

About Department

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering. The Department of civil engineering is pioneering place of learning, where students pursue their educational interests in order to lead the next generation in transforming the disciplines of civil engineering. The mission of the Department of civil engineering is to reach the level of excellence in teaching and research, provide a high quality teaching and learning environment in the field of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering to make students capable of innovative thinking. The vision of the department is creating various innovative works and transferring technological knowledge from classroom to the real life. Our department always encourages the students for various curriculum activities at various level.


To provide state of the art degree program to the current and prospective students that incorporate fururistic advances and technology.

  • To provide latest hand on practicals and exercise and value added training to the students that meets the gap between Industry and Institute which shall promote Industry-Institute Interaction..
  • To cultivate Professionalism to adopt sustainable development practices to make students responsible citizen and environment friendly.


  • To enhance the behavioural and functional competencies of the aspiring student to promote sustainable development and practices and transform them into Futuristic smart Civil Engineer

Opportunities and Future Challenges for Department of Civil Engineering

  1. Increasing number of consultancy works with significant technology development component
  2. Undertaking more large-budget and high-impact R and D project.
  3. Publishing more in journals of high impact factors and increasing citation values of publications.
  4. Recruiting Doctorate faculty in certain areas where currently no representation.
  5. Meeting ever increasing demand for space.
  6. Increasing numbers of new books to students in department library.
  7. Equipping Lab Computers with newly developed Civil Engineering assistant software’s
Sr. No. Name of the Lab Area (sq.m) Laboratory In charge
1 Basic Civil and Mechanics Lab 69.72


Prof. R. J. Phalke
2 Environmental Lab




Prof. P. M. Rewatkar
3 Geology Lab




Prof. J. S. Dangat
4 Geo Technical Lab 69.72
5 Surveying Lab




Prof. T. D. Bhise
6 Transportation Engineering Lab




Prof. R. S. Zawar
7 Strength of Materials Lab




Prof. V. Patil
8 Concrete Technology Lab




Prof. S. B. Wade
9 Fluid Mechanics Lab 69.72


Prof. V. Reddy
10. Computer Lab 69.72 Prof. A. B. Raut

Civil Engineering Department

Dr. Sumant A. Choudhari
HOD & Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department
JSPM RSSOER, NTC, Narhe, Pune-41

Head of Department Message

Direct Line:   020 24608718
Ext :  277

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