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Department of Civil Engineering

About Department

Department of Civil Engineering offers four years undergraduate course in Civil Engineering. The objective of the program is to produce well-trained and professionally competent professionals imbibed with the knowledge and capability to face the dynamic and increasing challenges of the professionals today.
During initial two years, the course content revolves around common engineering courses that deal with basic concepts in mathematics, science and fundamental engineering principles, followed by a balanced-mix of core courses in the civil engineering discipline.
During third year, the courses offered provide fundamental knowledge in areas of civil engineering such as basic theory of structures, geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering, surveying, structural analysis, and design in concrete and steel structures, transportation engineering and environmental engineering. These courses give a solid foundation in problem solving and analytical thinking, which are essential for civil engineering students.
In the final year, the program concentrates on training students in professional civil engineering subjects as well as personality development and aptitude. The students are also required to complete a project in any of the specializations in civil engineering.

Career Opportunities:
Civil Engineering is intimately associated with the private and public sectors engineering. Civil engineers are needed for design, construction and management positions. The courses are designed to produce graduates with leadership potential.
Today the World and India in particular is undergoing technological revolution, population growth and environmental concerns. All this creates unique challenges for civil engineers. The coming years will be most creative, demanding and rewarding time for civil engineers.


To groom competent Civil engineers for developing safer, smarter and sustainable infrastructure


M1. To inculcate technical competencies and skill required for future engineers to build smarter and sustainable infrastructure.
M2. To equip students with contemporary tools and techniques for dealing with real life problems ethically.
M3. To develop student as symbiont towards society.

Program Educational Objective(PEO)

PEO1. Competent to take-up academic, professional or entrepreneurial assignment successfully.
PEO2. Able to solve civil engineering problems and provide safe, smart and sustainable solutions by adopting modern tools and techniques.
PEO3. Sensitive towards socio-economic problems to deal with them ethically.

Program Specific Objective(PSO)

PSO1: Survey, geotechnical investigation, feasibility study of public buildings, industrial buildings, water structures, residential buildings, transportation media as per codal provision.
PSO2: Specify, analyze, design, supervise, tests the foundation and superstructures of civil engineering structures with impact of wind, earthquake and any other incidental loads.
PSO3: Analysis of water resources hydrological systems, water conveying systems, hydraulic systems and surge systems.
PSO4: Formulate environmental engineering system, modern management and construction techniques to complete the projects within stipulated period and funds.

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