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Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering


To prepare competent Civil Engineers by providing an excellent academic environment and nurture research for developing safer, smarter and sustainable infrastructure.


To inculcate technical competencies and skills required for future engineers to build smarter and sustainable infrastructure, through quality education.
To equip students with R & D tools and techniques for dealing with complex problems ethically through continual education.
To develop student as symbiont towards society.

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From the HOD's Desk

To my mind, real domain experience in an industry is vital to be credible in Civil engineering business management role. I would like to say that if people are considering moving into a stable and consistent area of engineering then Civil Engineering sector should be considered carefully. There are many exciting challenges in these fields across the entire engineering spectrum in India and abroad. Many companies regularly contact me asking for good engineers and graduates and say that they are struggling to find enough people with the right skills and competencies. Graduates in Civil Engineering often can pick and choose between two or three job offers, which are pretty good in the current business environment. If you feel you do need a conversion course to help you move into any new sector, Civil Engineering included, there are a number of two years master’s courses which can help you make that transition. Engineering is a wonderfully diverse and rewarding career choice. Statistically, Civil engineers stand a very good chance of being employed compared to other professions.

Wishing you the very best…..!

Dr. S. A. Choudhari
Head, Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Sumant A. Choudhari

HOD & Associate Professor
Ph.D (Water Resources Engineering)

Mr. Indrajeet. M. Jain

Assistant Professor
ME (Environmental Engg)

Dr. Shivkumar B. Khaple

Assistant Professor
PhD (Civil Engineering)

Mr. Vijay V. Muthekar

Assistant Professor
ME (Geotechnical Engineering)

Ms. Namrata. P. Jajoo

Assistant Professor
ME (Environmental Engg)

Mr. Simitinjay S. Bansode

Assistant Professor
ME (Soil)

Mr. Prasad M. Indi

Assistant Professor
M Tech (Hydraulic Engineering)

Mr. Pravin V. Wayal

Assistant Professor
ME (Structural Engineering)

Mr. Mahesh D. Anap

Assistant Professor
ME (Environmental Engg)

Ms. Neelam V. Chaple

Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Environmental Engg)

Mr. Randheer J. Phalke

Assistant Professor
ME (Structural Engineering)

Mr. Dushyant A. Zamre

Assistant Professor
ME (Structural Engineering)

Ms. Akanksha M. Sharma

Assistant Professor
M.TECH (Environmental Engg)

Ms. Vishakha P. Padmawar

Assistant Professor
ME (Structural Engineering)

Mr. Sagar V. Pawar

Assistant Professor
ME (Town Planning)

Mr. Likesh U. Dhokane

Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg)

About Laboratories

Student Achivements

Name of Student: Nikhil Pawar
Achievement: Elected as YIN Agricultural Minister, Sakal Youth

Student's Association

CESA (Civil Engineering Students’ Association)

The Civil Engineering Students Association also known as CESA at JSPM Narhe Technical Campus, Pune. Civil Engineering Student association is a non-profitable organization within the department of the Civil Engineering, JSPM Narhe Technical Campus, Pune. The members of the association include the second year engineering students, third year engineering students, final year engineering students, association faculty coordinators, Head of the Department (HOD) of the Civil Engineering department. The Association is working together to help and facilitate the overall development of students pursuing Civil Engineering at JSPM Narhe Technical Campus, Pune. CESA provides platform for the students to showcase and sharpen student's talents through a variety of events and activities planned throughout the year.

The Civil Engineering students Association at JSPM Narhe Technical Campus, Pune, was established with a prime objective to proliferate knowledge and address industrial issues by bringing corporate, professors and students on common platform and also arranging field visits of any concerned subject. CESA, having students as well as faculties as its members, is one of the most active organizations of Department of civil engineering.
We aim to promote Civil Engineering by providing the much-needed practical exposure to the community members through its regular activities like technical seminars, chapters, games, research symposium, talks on ongoing research practices throughout the globe and many other related topics from distinguished practitioners of the trade.
Collaboration between the school and industry is important for the advancement of engineering teaching and research. With this aim, to give our students some practical insight into Civil Engineering, we organize several visits throughout the year to ongoing construction sites thus giving them a chance to interact with key personnel of the industry.
Student body of Civil Engineering Students Association JSPM Narhe Technical Campus, Pune, organizes Perception, the annual festival of Civil Engineering Department, JSPM Narhe Technical Campus, Pune. Perception provides a platform to budding civil engineers across the country to create, innovate and learn various aspects of civil engineering through competitions, events and Symposium (research paper conference). Perception has gone on to become the undisputed front-runner among civil engineering festivals.


To be committed to serve the needs of the society at large by implementing state of the art of Engineering education and research system, to provide knowledge to develop attitudes, skills values while establishing quality consciousness and demand driven, self-relevant centre of excellence.


To build a pool of trained and dedicated professionals who can contribute to the development of policies, measures and planning programs for sustainable development.


Various events at departmental level are carried out related to technical field as well as non-technical events. These events enhance a feeling of encouragement, motivation, practical knowledge as well as exposure to the Civil Engineering World. Every academic year involves a package of innovative activities which would ignite the minds of students to bring out unique thought process while participating in the events.

To name a few events carried out in CESA organization are as listed below:-
1. Guru Pournima.
2. Fresher’s party for Second year students.
3. Celebration of Engineer’s Day
4. Parents-Teacher meeting.
5. Lab decoration events.
6. Guest Lectures.
7. Field visits
8. Send-off for Final year students.

CESA Committee for 2018-2019

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Prof. Sagar V. Pawar CESA Coordinator
2 Shubham Nigade President
3 Manasi Dayma Secretary
4 Pratik Patil Vice President
5 Amruta Kore Cultural Head
6 Pratik Sasne Treasure
7 Jayesh Wanve Sports Head
8 Mohaneesh Sardesai Executive Member
9 Abhinav Dhande Executive Member
10 Saurabh Khot Executive Member
11 Abhijeet Tapkir Executive Member
12 Dnyaneshwar Patil Executive Member
13 Snehal More Executive Member
14 Apeksha Khase Executive Member
15 Hrishikesh Tambade Executive Member
16 Vishal Shendage Executive Member

Contact Us

Head Of Department Moodle & Website Coordinator T & P Coordinator
Dr. S. A. Chaudhari
Head Of Department
Room No.: B-204
Prof. P. M. Indi
Moodle & Website Coordinator
Room No.: B-204
Prof. R.J. Phakle
Training & Placement Coordinator
Room No.: B-311

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