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Why is Pune called as an Education Destination?

The Educational Capital of India- Pune has been known as the Oxford of the East” since the times of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The city draws in large number of students from both India as well as abroad. Pune is the ideal destination for students aiming for higher education as the institutes located here offer a variety of courses ranging from Engineering, Architecture, Management, Fashion Technology, Nursing Biochemistry, Medicine and Biotechnology to Mass communication, Astronomy and so on.

The wide range of courses is supported by excellent infrastructure facilities and cultural platforms. Students from all over the world find Pune a pleasant and welcoming city.

Pune can also be considered as a research hub of India owing to its various research institutions of importance. Some of the institutes which are of national importance and are also affiliated to Pune University are, the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), MACS, Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), National Institute of Virology (NIV), Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics and Deccan College among others.

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Why choose Pune City as a place for higher education in India?

Pune city is known as Educational Capital of India. As compared to other cities of India, overall quality of education in Pune is much high. In Pune, there are more than 300 Colleges / Institutions giving undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education in various fields. Also, Pune is a large industrial city. It is India’s one of the largest “Information Technology (IT)” center where there are around 1100 IT industries. Also, Pune is India’s largest industrial center for automobiles. A good number of Multi-national automobile industries have their plants in Pune. In addition to IT and automobile industries, a large number of manufacturing and service provider industries are placed in Pune. Due to this situation, students get a better exposure for the industrial world. They also get opportunities to work in these industries during vacations. Another important factor about Pune city is the climate. The climate is pleasant through the year. In winter, night temperature goes down to 7 to 8 Degrees Celsius. A large number of International students come to India every year for higher education. Out of them, 40 % students come to Pune.

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Why choose “JSPM Narhe Technical Campus (JSPM NTC), Pune” as a place for higher education in India?

Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (JSPM) was established in 1998 with the objective of creating centers of excellence for education in the field of Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Management, computers etc. This is by the vision of Prof. T.J.Sawant, an Electrical Engineer who thinks that, “Development of Techno – entrepreneurial society” is the key to achieve VISION 2020 as perceived by our Former PRESIDENT of India Dr Abdul Kalam. About College Established in 2011, Narhe Technicle Campus is 7th college of JSPM Institute.Currently MBA,MCA and Engineering courses are available here. JSPM Technical Campus is to create a stimulating learning environment, an environment in which you can prepare for tomorrow and all that the future can bring. The faculty and staff constantly engage in activities designed to enhance the learning environment and provide for the ever-changing needs of the High Desert communities.

“JSPM Narhe Technical Campus (JSPM NTC), Pune”, which is the largest education center in India, exclusively meant for girls and women. This Institution provides high quality education facilities to girls in various fields of education. The Institution is capable of providing proficient hostel and food facilities for almost each student. The surrounding at JSPM NTC  is highly competent, reliable and secure. The parents of the students can rest assured having sent their daughter at JSPM NTC.

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What courses does JSPM NTC offer?

The college offers Undergraduates courses:

BE (Civil Engineering)

BE (Computer Engineering)

BE (Electronics & Telecommunication)

BE (Mechanical Engineering)

Post graduate Courses:

ME : Computer Engineering

ME : Mechanical-Design Engineering

ME : Mechanical-Heat power*

MCA  (Master of Computer Applications)

MCA (Direct admission to Second Year)

MBA (Master of Business Applications)

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What are the departments presently existing at JSPM NTC Pune?

There are six departments namely,

Department of Computer Engineering,

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication,

Department of Civil Engineering,

Department of Mechanical   Engineering,

Rajarshi Shahu School of Computer Applications (MCA),

Rajarshi Shahu School of Business Studies (MBA).

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What are the departments where M.E. programs are offered?

Presently three departments are offering M.E. programs at JSPM NTC. Students qualified in GATE or PGET-CET 2013 only can enroll in these Departments.

ME : Computer Engineering

ME : Mechanical-Design Engineering

ME : Mechanical-Heat power*

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Is JSPM NTC affiliated to University of Pune and Govt of Maharashtra?

Yes, the college is affiliated to University of Pune CA/606 dated 29/08/2011 and approved by the Govt. of Maharashtra vide letter No.TIM-2011/PK162/TS-4 dated 30/6/2011.

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Is JSPM NTC affiliated to the AICTE and DTE?

Yes, The College is affiliated to the AICTE (Registration No. Western/2011/1-448618911 dated 13/07/2011) and is approved by the DTE (Registration No. 2/NGC/MANYATA/2011/3965 dated 29/08/2011)

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Where JSPM NTC is located?

JSPM NTC is located at the west part of katraj, Pune City. It is almost 15 kms. from Pune Central Railway Station and Central Bus Station. For details you can visit location map.

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What are the contact details for any queries regarding admission?

You can fill all your queries in “Admission Enquiry form” on our college website; we will get back to you with proper solution.

We are also having admission helpline as follows:

Prof. S. R. Thite

Campus Director

Off: (020)24608711

Dr. D. M. Yadav


Off: (020)24608701

Dr. S. R. Siddhatekkar

Dean MBA

Off: (020)24608715

M: 9225500786

Prof. Mrs. D. A. Sarwate

Dean MCA

Off: (020)24608705

M: 9326972164

Prof. Mrs. A. M. Kadam

FE Coordinator (Admission Coordinator)

Off: (020)24608709

M: 9420332300

Prof. C.S. Kulkarni

Admission Coordinator (FE)

M: 9423006574

Prof. Sandip Chavan

Admission coordinator (DSE)

M: 9096728601

Prof. Amit Uttarkar

Admission coordinator (DSE)

M: 9011009765

Mr. D.B. Patil

Office Superintendent

Off: (020) 24608700

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What are the pre-requisites for studying in JSPM NTC?

Undergraduate programs require passing an examination that is equivalent to a standard 12 years of schooling, offered in India. However, for a Diploma program you must have completed 10 years of schooling. You must have adequate proficiency in English to comprehend and cope with the curriculum. For Post graduation you should a Bachelors Degree from recognized university.

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How do I apply for admission to the course of my interest?

List of various courses offered by our Institution is available on the Institution’s website. You just go through the list of courses and contact our respective branches for further details.

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Am I eligible for a scholarship or for a grant?

All the Eligible candidates that are taking admission through DTE, can get EBC, Free ship and scholarship facilities as per the government rules, they need to submit the necessary documents at the time of taking admission

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What other facilities and amenities can be availed by the students?

The college has a well-equipped library with an updated stock of books, ten computers with internet facility and a spacious reading room. Class rooms are equipped with audio visual facilities. The college also has computer labs for different departments, each equipped with 60 computers. The college also provides facilities of Virtual Classroom and NPTEL lectures to the students.

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Does JSPM NTC have computer center?

Yes, it has a computer center with internet facility. It opens from morning 8 AM to evening 8 PM

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Does JSPM NTC have Central library?

Yes, text books and reference books for B.E, M.E , MCA and MBA  students and research scholars are in sufficient numbers and the Central library has quite good reference section where E-books are also available.AS well digital library facility is also available. JSPM NTC has subscription of online journals for each of the department.

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Are the transportation facilities available from the Institute?

The Institute is well connected by private and public transport facilities.

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What other activities does JSPM NTC have apart from the regular course?

The college arranges various seminars, workshops, debates, elocution and guest lectures by eminent personalities in the relevant field. The college also arranges Industrial Visit and Training session for students to enhance them in placements related activities.

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I need more information.

Please click on “Contact Us”.

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