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Department of Mechnaical Engineering

Research Projects:

Funding Agency Title of Project Grants


Duration Status
Science &



Board (SERB),

New Delhi, India

Automation of

design of compound

dies for sheet metal


24,10000/- 2014-2017 Ongoing with Ph.D Guide (Dr. S. Kumar, NIT, Surat, India)
The National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (MARRIFAH),

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Intelligent Workshop in Sheet Metal Die Design and Manufacturing 2,94,27643/- 2014-2016 Ongoing with

Dr. Hussein Mohamed Abdelmoneam Hussein, Advanced Manufacturing Institute, King Saud University,

Riyadh, KSA


Department of ENTC

Android Based Wheelchair Control
Intelligent Bus transport management system
Automatic Garbage Tracking and Collection System
 Fruit Quality Measurement
Rasberry Pi Based Live Human Detection
Automatic water flow measurement using GSM
Television Control by HAND GESTURE
The Novel Apporoch Of Card Payment To Avoid Shoulder Surfing Attacks
Hotel Ordering System
Smart Traffic Assistant
Automatic PCB Drilling Machine
 Solar tracking system for optimum power
PLC based self Healing of capacitor
Monitoring Of Pest Insect Traps Using  Image Sensors & DSP
Intelligent Path finder Humanoid Robot with Camera Surveillance
Machine Parts Recognition
Neonatal monitering system
Fault detection in transmission line
Data Acquisition System using FPGA
Fingerprint  based human age estimation using Wavelet and PCA domain
Intelligent note to coin exchanger
Design and Implementation of an Unmaned vehicle Using Wireless Network with AVR microcontroller
An enhanced Fuzzy Minmax Neural Network for Pattern Classification
Implementation of WOT base smart grid to remotaly monitor & contro renewable energy source
Iris segmentation for mobile biometric
Design of multimodal EEG based hybrid BCI system with VSM .
automation of wheel chair by using iris movement
BER analysis using conventional & FTP based OFDM
inertial sensor based digital pen for handwiting &gesture recognition.
Smart Host Microcontroller for Optimal Battery Charging in Solar Power Vehicle
identification of criminals &dupe by androgenic hair patterns
Intelligent Vehicle Control
wearable sensor for human activity monitering
Intelligent Robot Using Hand Gesture Recognition
automatic demographic estimationfrom human facial features
Embedded Based Condition Monitoring of car Using Neural Network
Eye gaze traking

Department of Computer Applications

Restaurant Management Information system
online bhishi
online daycare system
Beacon Spread
Mechnical Manifacturing Company(ERP)
E-crime File management System
E classifieds
Matrimony Application
Multiplex Theater System
Institute Management System
Job Fair
Online Recharge Portal
Hospital Management System
Lead Tracker project
ERCMS(Existing Ration card Mgnt system)
Manifacturing ERP
School Portal
Smart Office
Hospital mgt ERP
Online Hotel Booking
Pathology Management System
Beacon Spread
Internet Service Provider
Dynamic Examination
Online Jwellery System
Event Management
Urban Guid System
Online Shopping Portal
E-Commerce(Future LED Store)
Real Estate Management System
online apartment system
AutoSales Project,Xpath Generation Project
Online Shopping Portal
Soft Clinic
Software Army Rehabilitation Center
Restaurant Management Information system
Automobile service station system
HR Linosys
Airline Reservation System
E-Travel System
Car Insurance System
dental clinic system
Online Exam Portal
Mom’s Food
NGO Portal
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